The Company

AKT Architects Construction Enterprises

AKT Architects is a company that creates unique buildings offering a high standing of quality and aesthetic perfection. The senior partners Konstantinos Tsamparlidis, Alkis Tsamparlidis and Angela Tsamparlidou have continued the legacy of three generations of building contractors. 


Our company’s first priority is to set flawless safety standards while satisfying the most demanding requirements of our valued clients. Our distinctive feature is that we harmonize the experience of our founders with the modern and innovative ideas of our newer members. The result is unique constructions built according to the current international building standards. 


After fifty years in the business and numerous projects all over Athens, “AKT Architects Construction Enterprises” enjoys the acknowledgement of its satisfied customers and all their residents where their buildings are located. The building projects are distinguished not only for the high quality of the construction, but also because of its creative aesthetics. 


We are committed to moving with the times and we keep on investing in the know how to constantly improve the quality of the construction. Our first priority is to focus on the construction of structurally perfect buildings, which will not only fully comply with building regulations, but also be capable of with standing the harsh conditions from earthquakes that take place often in Greece. 

Founding Members

The ” AKT Architect Construction Enterprises” , combines its history and experience from over 50 years along with its innovative and enthusiastic new members to create outstanding construction projects. The president Konstantinos Tsamparlidis, who continues to lead and guide the company to success, just as his father Kleovoulos  Tsamparlidis did. For 40 years he has earned the respect and loyalty of his hundreds of customers all over Athens. 


Nowadays he is largely assisted by a fantastic team of highly qualified personnel, as well as his son Alkis and daughter Angela, who add their international experience and knowledge to the company. 

Alkis Tsamparlidis, who has completed his studies from the University of Surrey, NTUA Athens and the University of Oxford with a Masters Degree. He has experience working abroad, preparing designs and supervising technical projects. Angela, has graduated from the University of Oxford with a degree in Architecture and Interior Decorating. She adds her own personal touch to each project from the configuration of the exterior and interior areas; at the same time she attends to all the issues regarding construction permits. 

Company Profile